Allergies are discomforts that are sometimes caused by dust mites, dust and pollen. Symptoms such as eczema, irritating cough, redness and itching appear. To help you relieve these discomforts, here is an article that provides you with natural remedies that can effectively treat allergies.

Some ways of treatment

There are several ways to relieve the symptoms of allergies. First of all, we can talk about herbal tea. If you cough repeatedly or sneeze, you can prepare a tea with dried thyme, chamomile, lavender, sage or eucalyptus. Apart from herbal tea, you can also use clay to fight eczema. To do this, you just need to make a good layer of clay that you need to apply regularly. Also, you can look for liniment oleocalcaire by mixing it with olive oil and water. Apart from these methods, you can also use salt water to soothe irritation. This is because irritation is very common in allergy cases. This affects the mucous membranes, eyes and nostrils. To soothe these symptoms, place pieces of cloth in cold water and place them over your eyes. For the nostrils, you can mix a small amount of salt with a few millilitres of water. After letting it dissolve, inject the liquid into your nostrils. You can use a syringe to do this. Finally, we can talk about tarragon. The benefits of tarragon are countless. You can use it to fight hay fever. To use it, squeeze a few drops of tarragon essential oil into a square of cloth and inhale it no more than three times a day.

Use onion to relieve allergic pain

Onion is a very effective antihistamine. It helps prevent spring allergies. Also, note that it is highly recommended to wash your hair regularly in case of allergies. This helps to get rid of pollen. Finally, note that foods such as sugar, dairy products, fats, eggs and alcohol should be strictly avoided in case of allergy.