Commonly referred to as “sport”, physical exercise, as the name suggests, is a process of putting the whole body into motion in order to keep it in shape. Why is it necessary? This article talks about it.

Your body is like a machine or engine that needs to be maintained

Imagine that you leave your car in the garage for a relatively long time. What will happen? Will the engine continue to run without servicing? It is the same for the body that does not exercise.

Suppose you drive a long distance every day without paying attention to the engine of your car. Do you think it will continue to serve you without being damaged? Your body also needs maintenance.

The best way to maintain the body, beyond its fuel of food, is to do regular moderate physical exercise.

The benefits of exercise

They are enormous. From metabolism to blood pressure regulation to blood circulation. Proper exercise gives the body strength and vitality. It burns off bad fats that are stored on the walls of the blood vessels, regenerates cells and revives tired tissues. Against all expectations, certain movements correct memory problems over time and prevent depression.

When and how to exercise to benefit from it?

Practice shows that the most intense physical exercise is done at weekends. When done in this way, the benefits are not necessarily there and it can paradoxically create other problems for the body. Exercise must be done daily. Just as one cannot go twenty-four hours without eating (except in the case of Lent), so it is not good to go twenty-four hours without exercising for at least thirty minutes. In the worst case, one should walk until one sweats. The best times to exercise your body and keep it healthy are: very early in the morning or in the evening before bedtime.