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This list of links includes resources and information about herpes, genital warts and other STDs. Learning all that you can will help you understand and come to terms with your medical diagnosis. Don't be afraid to look stuff up and reach out to others for questions or advice. Don't be afraid to talk to your health care provider. Remember that you are not the only one that has ever gone through what you may be going through right now. Having an STD doesn't define who you are as a person.

Below are a list of links to help get you started on finding answers about Herpes Simplex Virus. If you're a resource linking to Yoshi2me.com please let me know by using the contact form in the sidebar. I will check out your site, look for your link to my site and get you listed ASAP. I love networking with other sites! :)

The Original Happy Helpful Herpes Links!

Disease Support Resource Center - Support Groups and Clinic Details.

HC Support Network - A free public support community for people affected by the herpes virus.

LA HELP - The Las Angeles area support center for people living and dealing with the effects of herpes. We are a group run by and for people with herpes.

Living Sphere - Living Sphere was created to provide a unique resource for not only people with Herpes, but also their partners and family, support group members and managers, counselors and medical professionals.

MyHeartDances Holistic Health - Located in the heart of New York City, Melissa King provides coaching services and resources for individuals to begin eating healthier, managing stress, improving body image, and living life in truth and authenticity!

Picking Up the Pieces - Welcome you to Picking Up the Pieces. Picking Up the Pieces (PUP) has been around since October 1, 1998. For over a decade we have been helping newbies come to terms with their diagnosis. Over 2,000 members! :)

Racoon.com/herpes/ - The Original Herpes Home Page was founded in 1995 for the purpose of providing anonymous support relating to this unfairly stigmatized disease.

WearobGear.com - Raising STD Awareness one shirt at a time! We've got buttons too! If you sign up you have the chance to win free stuff and save. This is perfect for clinics and offices that like to dress down and make a difference simultaneously. If you are a nurse instructor this awareness wear is perfect for the classroom setting. Makes a great ice-breaker!

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