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Find out what people are saying about Valtrex. We want to know what you think of Valtrex. Use the contact button to share your two cents.

I have tried Valtrex and it works GREAT. i have type 2, cold sores and as soon as i felt a tingle i would take the pill and bam it was gone. I loved it.. it never had a chance to go any further. as well as if I couldn't get to it right away then it would not let it go any further as well. It was all in all just great. I could no longer afford it so I am about to try Famvir and we will see how that goes. I hope good as well. It is 5 days treatment as apposed to one day. ~X

About Valtrex pills: I saw a post that said flat out, "it doesn't work." I think that's irresponsible and thoughtless to so definitively state it doesn't work, because that might be true for some but not all. As far as I'm concerned, it does help! Valtrex is said to lessen outbreaks by at least 50%. Go to valtrex.com for more info. Yes, it's a pharmaceutical site but please don't be a cynic and think they're just trying to make money. Of course, they are going to want to make money! But certainly, they are not going to put out a product that hasn't been researched, tested, and proven to help. The bottom line is, there is no cure for ANY virus at this time (but they're now working on a vaccine for herpes, btw). Valtrex is pricey so try to get a coupon from the company. Just write or call and ask. You never know! ~X

I would also like to address the factors that have been attributable to my outbreaks with the hope in mind you can avoid these and hence, an outbreak. For one, I have found that after a bout with an extremely stressful situation, a couple days later, Boom! I get a herpes outbreak. Also, the sun can trigger outbreaks, especially of HSV1. Your diet should be kept as healthy as possible and if no other supplements are taken, I highly recommend you at least take a quality multivitamin and a garlic supplement. Yes, garlic! They make non-odorous types and garlic is also miraculous. Ingesting it naturally is better but no one will want to get too close to you! :) By "quality," I mean from a health food store, not grocery or drug stores, please. Even better, if you know of a "natural" doctor, he/she will carry multiple vitamins that are of very high quality but of course, much more pricey. Your local "real" health food store is your best bet. ~X

Famvir and Valtrex both work very well. One isn't necessarily better than the other for episodic dosing. For the Valtrex you take 500 mg twice a day for three days for outbreaks. Famvir is 125 mg twice a day for five days for outbreaks. ~X

I've been taking antivirals for 18 years now and have never had any problems with them (except I used to get headaches in the beginning and had some abdominal pains when I first switched to Valtrex). Of course every medication works differently in every person. You might want to consider acyclovir instead. It's a little different from Valtrex and you get less of the active medication absorbed so you might have less problems with it. It's also much cheaper but you take it more often. Famvir is also an option. Sometimes you have to play around a bit and see which one works best with your body. ~X

Honestly lysine did nothing for me, the only thing that helped is Valtrex, the first 5 months i didn't have insurance so i took all these herbal meds that was supposed to help and nothing did, i took 1000mg of lysine vitamin C some other stuff that the sites said would help i still got ob after ob. really bad ones too as soon as i took valtrex it was like a miracle my next ob was three months later and it was one sore for three days. there is generic Valtrex that's supposed to be the same not sure since i never took it. valtrex is the only thing proven to help reduce the transmission to your partner and your child. ~Amanda



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