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Valtrex Commercials Feedback

Find out what people are saying about Valtrex Commercials. We want to know what you think of Valtrex Commercials. Use the contact button to share your two cents.

Thanks to YouTube people can now check out videos that they may have missed. I can't tell you how many times I have heard people express that they have never seen any of the Valtrex Commercials. If you know somebody that would like to see what the Valtrex commercials are like AND look up information about herpes please share this link with them. Thank you very much!! ~X

Well, I have to tell you. I went to YouTube to see if there were any of the Valtrex commercials that I have seen on television and I couldn't find a single one. I did notice that there were A LOT of people willing to make home made Valtrex videos. ~X

I was watching the Valtrex commercial very closely this time, this morning. The girl is with her guy, riding a bike, he's hugging her. It is focused on her and her problem. Another commercial besides a celebrity coming out would be, a commercial that talks to the other person that is with the person with it, saying something like, "I don't love her any less, I get tested regularly, it doesn't change who she is as a person, symptoms vary from one person to another, one in four (whatever the stats are), it affects everyone, it doesn't matter what color you are or if you have a masters degree or a high school diploma and it is not deadly. ~X

I think the GSK commercial is a positive step in the right direction. The commercial is done in the same format as many of their products: this is our product and this is what it's for. In fact, it does much more about educating the public than the commercials for certain other products that simply say "Talk to your Doctor if you think you need xxx meds" without ever saying what the medication is for and who might need it. I agree the Valtrex ads could do more about educating the public about the high incidence of Herpes, but probably only marginally so without offending a huge part of their viewing audience. Nor do I think GSK has any obligation to do so. Ads for other prescription medications don't go into how to prevent or avoid the ailments that are treated by the advertised product, so why should Herpes be different? The first time I saw the ad I thought "That's cool. Valtrex on TV, like any other prescription medication." I think its great because it IS treated just like any other medical problem. We do need to raise awareness about Herpes and STDs in general, but a drug manufacturer's hugely expensive TV commercial isn't the forum. ~X

I have seen the Valtrex commercials and I agree that they really don't give you a very clear picture of herpes. They need to be more informative and maybe encourage more people to go get tested! ~X

Before I fully knew about the virus the commercial was one of my main forms of information regarding herpes. In it, I was told about the virus and how I could treat it. Use Valtrex to prevent outbreaks. After viewing the commercial I was left with a very light and flowery feeling. This is a serious virus and I wasn't really left feeling that after the commercial. I was left with some information regarding the virus. I was told the virus could be transmitted even with taking Valtrex and that there was no cure for herpes. This Valtrex commercial was pretty straight and forward. Also, I might add that I was never really left frightened after viewing this spot on TV like I was when I did my own research on the virus. The only thing this commercial didn't really do for me is make me want more information regarding the virus and their drug. ~X

Overall I think they are great. It finally puts the issue out in the open and sort of humanizes it rather than making it a stigma. That having been said I am silently anxious about what comments or questions might come out in the room when it suddenly appears on my TV set. But I think the Valtrex commercials are great and will help the overall ambiance of the condition. ~X

I think they are fine and a good thing but that they could be more imaginative. I think anytime Herpes is put in front of the public eye it is a good thing. ~X

My biggest complaint about them is first of all, if you don't know anything about Herpes, you don't even know what it's for. If you have Herpes, you probably already know about Valtrex, so what's the point in the commercials then? What I'd REALLY like to see is for GSK to maybe introduce some more awareness into those commercials. It COULD really be beneficial to them monetarily, (since you KNOW that ultimately, they are looking at the bottom line. The almighty dollar $$$$$$). Talk some statistics. Encourage testing BECAUSE the statistics are so great. And maybe spend a few seconds alleviating the fears of people that do not have Herpes so they won't be afraid of people that do have Herpes. Personally, I think THOSE types of commercials would be more beneficial to GSK. My 2 cents! ~X

Take a look at what I found today while doing a Google search on "Valtrex Commercials." I actually blogged about this in the first two entries on my Herpes Blog. You guys are NOT going to be happy when you read what I found!!! ~X

I sent an email some time ago. I had contacted Glaxo about the commercials and I was asked to forward comments via their 800#. They told me that they were seeking to make changes. Advertising, something that I had a career in for nearly 14 years, is the most powerful tool there is. I do not like the commercials currently, i.e., the girl riding the bike with her guy, etc. it's the same ad over and over. It doesn't state the facts about how common it is. It doesn't focus on how it could be anybody, a doctor, lawyer, well-admired celebrity. The ads now are more for those that have it, not educating those that don't as well, just as important in my mind. I think that using a celebrity such as Adam Sandler, who has already come out publicly, would be a very good thing, and any others that may have it. I remember the comments made on "The View" and a kicker would have been for, Sandler or some other celebrity to come out against the show's ignorance. Pamela Anderson has Hepatitis, she's been open about it, and no one is distancing themselves from her in any way. I have noticed that the commercials are running more during my soap operas. Again, I think to break through the barriers, stigmas, etc. we need a celebrity to come out, someone that is really liked and respected, that along with the stats. etc. this should make a big difference. The Today Show would be a good place to start, they seem to do the "untouchable" stories. ~X

I have to give GSK credit for at least advertising on television. Do the makers of Famvir advertise also on TV? I've seen Famvir's internet ads only 1. STATS & TESTING --- The "one in four" statistics should be added verbally or in print somewhere in the commercial and the suggestion that people be tested should be in there too. 2. EASY, BREEZY --- This is a tough one probably for GSK -- they want to illustrate that herpes is no big thing, i.e., the woman on the bike, but they also need to crunch the stats for the unenlightened, I believe. 3. BOTH GENDERS REPRESENTED --- The commercial I've seen is the woman on the bike. Do they have any ads that suggest that a man has herpes or just this one where a woman has it? "H Men": There's another market for GSK to go after more aggressively, as men tend to not visit docs with 'down yonder' concerns as readily or as quickly as women. (I'm the last person that would make a generalization about a gender, but that's what the medical journals say about the boys!) And maybe that's changing, thanks to Viagra advertising, etc., getting more guys in to docs' offices. 4. TRANSMISSION --- GSK should also loudly toot their horn about the transmission reduction, to me that's one heck of a big plus of the anti-virals. And it could help alleviate some non-H people's fears about H people. (It's nice to have someone ask my opinion once in a while -- my kids never want to hear it !!) Take care. ~X

No matter where I turn to on the net I always manage to bump into some buzz or discussion about the Valtrex Commercials. I've seen them on pretty much all of the time slots and on all types of channels. Some people like them, some find them helpful and full of insight for the general public and others don't care for them at all. Now I thought it would be neat to put a little comment page together about the good ol' Valtrex Commercials. It's interesting to see how people feel about them and if they aren't too keen with some of them to actually read what could be done to make them better. I believe your opinion as the consumer does matter and who knows - maybe somebody from GSK might stumble on this page and see what you had to say about it!! So, if you have an opinion, comment or rant about a Valtrex Commercial that you saw on Television - send me a little note and I will post your thoughts here on this page. I can't wait to read what you have to say! ~X



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