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Tea tree oil also helps with the outbreaks. I wet a cotton ball in the sink, then put tea tree oil on it and apply that to the affected area. For a while I was wiping my entire vagina with Tea Tree Oil because the tingling made me feel much better and it masked the pain of the OB but I think it was a bit too drying. I buy the eco-harvest organic tea tree oil from Australia that doesn't have pesticides or fertilizers or anything. Expensive but worth it to me. ~E

HELLO. if someone would have asked me five days ago if i would be here commenting about treatments for herpes, i would have called them crazy. But here i am, 17 and scouring the internet for remedies to sooth genital herpes. I was diagnosed wit hsv-1 of the genitals two days ago. (At first, I wanted to die, cry which i did a lot of), whine and bathe in the lukewarm water of self-pity FOREVER. In an attempt to console my "poor self" I searched the internet for the best drugs and possible options for me, and my love one whom I've infected. I fell upon this site looking for advice on tea tree oil. I am pleased to say i have an entirely new outlook on having this virus. IT'S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL! Yes, it is RIDICULOUSLY uncomfortable, but so is meeting your boyfriends parents, or getting stung by a bee. In other words, its manageable. I feel so enlightened by this site and now I don't feel so alone. Getting to the point, I'm commenting about the Tea Tree Oil. I bought 1 ounce of the stuff for a little over 5 dollars at trader joes. It's a bit pricey, but I've found I didn't need hardly ANY to soothe the pain and itching. I used a drop of extra virgin olive oil in a bowl, and then added the tea tree oil. I made sure there was less tea tree oil than olive oil because the bottle says not to use it on mucous membranes. I haven't had it on long enough to say if its curing me any faster, but i do know it feels SO good. I didn't experience any stinging, just a cool tingling and the pain down below has numbed. I'm so excited and very glad for a site like this one. I appreciate everything you do and hope this will help some people going through the journey I just began. ~K

I usually have pain and itching with an outbreak for days and this time I used tea tree oil diluted with water and applied with a q-tip  to my labia and the pain and itching went away in hours and I can barely tell I have had an outbreak 36 hours later!!  It was a particularly bad ob. I used it after every urination. It is a top quality brand from a health food co-op, but worth the price. I will always use it now! I put water in the bottle with the oil and shook it vigorously each time and dipped the q-tip in the bottle for full coverage. Yes, it stings at first, but then it cools and stops the itching. I don't believe in suppression meds because suppressing a virus can have untold effects later. This topical treatment I can handle. I have had this bottle for years and just used it the first time for this and I am hooked. ~X

I'm a pretty big fan of tea tree oil myself. I buy it at Walmart - it's 2 ounces for under $5 there which is the cheapest I've found it yet! I actually don't use it just for my herpes since I'm on suppressive therapy and don't get very many ob's - I use it on my genitals more so for a chronic itch and pain that developed from constant bacteria infections. It has done more for me than any high priced prescription cream that any doctor I've seen in the last 3 years has given me. I recommend it a lot and most of the folks who use it also get relief from it. It does sting when you apply it so you might want to start out applying it diluted. I can't say much + about the smell either. It won't help to prevent herpes ob's but it is helpful for symptom control - itching, burning and lesions. ~X

I can tell you that I have used tea tree oil and have derived some relief from it. What I will do is dilute the solution with some olive oil, as a friend of mine told me when in Australia that tea tree oil at full strength for what I was going to use it for might cause irritation. How I've done my treatments (in combination with Valtrex, mind you), is to soak a small cotton pad and cut it to the size of the lesion. I then use medical tape and tape it in place over the lesion. I find that it stings for a moment but then numbs the area (when I've had pain). I sleep with this on overnight, and have noticed, for myself at least that using this overnight (less messy than during the day), greatly alleviates the pain. I have not used tea tree oil exclusively during an outbreak, so I can not tell you if using it has shortened the length of the outbreak or anything of that sort. ~M

Tea Tree Oil may sting at first but it will help to dry the sore. Most people do not use tea tree oil. If you do not want to have any pain there, I suggest you try baby powder with cornstarch. It will keep the area dry. The dryer the area, the faster the healing. Having HSV1 on your genitals will give you less outbreaks and less severe outbreaks. So be grateful. One thing that really helps prevent outbreaks the best is RELAXATION. ~D

I have genital herpes. During an outbreak, I would put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil on a panty liner about where the outbreak was, and it helped reduce the stinging and the length of time of the outbreak. I did NOT put tea tree oil directly on my vagina! NO! I have found success with this 2 out of 3 times. Don't know if it's a trend on not. Have been outbreak free for a year. Not sure why, have enough stress to be covered with ulcers. ~N

Thus far my experience with using tea tree oil to treat my skin has been great, in combination with literally, prayer. I wound up with oral herpes (HSV-1) on my feet (not through sexual contact) and it produced some annoying red fever blisters on my toes and the top of my feet. Through about three weeks of swabbing on with q-tips "Wal mart" brand tea tree oil (still 100% grade) most of the red blisters are vanishing and some are almost completely vanished. I really believe the oil is penetrating the skin membrane "ala DMSO" but to a lesser degree and that the prayer has also been a big part as well - not just coping but with actual healing. When I first got herpes and blisters on my feet I felt horrible, like the normal world was at an end. I've suffered with my feet like this for several years and until the tea tree oil and praying about it I was at a loss and even purchased some DMSO. I may still use the DMSO but since I've already had such great, albeit slow results with the tea tree oil, I'd like to stay the course with it. I can actually sometimes feel my nerve endings tingle in the areas where the virus and blisters are after applying the oil and believe it to be the virus being eradicated once the oil has penetrated the skin membrane in those areas. This would be similar to the "stinging" effect produced by Dynamiclear which also reaches the virus where it hides along the nerves although I'm not sure about Choraphor's ability to penetrate skin layers in the same fashion as tea tree oil or DMSO. I know for a fact the tea tree oil and praying about overcoming herpes has worked for me especially because my feet are already about halfway healed. I'm confident in a couple of months that the oil and prayer will completely have healed my feet and I can once again enjoy the things I used to do like biking, etc. with a renewed sense of freedom from the blisters. (the blisters at first used to appear on the bottoms of my feet, too, but the ones on top never left and were very slow to heal). I'm eager to try using the tea tree oil in a diluted mouthwash form as is recommended some places on the net for the oral cold sores and blisters which I am constantly getting. The health food store close to me even sells tea tree oil mouthwash, toothpaste and tea tree oil dental floss products over the counter. Keep in mind that it's not recommended at all to actually ingest the tea tree oil as this could have adverse health effects. But as a topical agent even dentists are known to use tea tree oil. As another note, since using the tea tree oil and along with the power of prayer, a small cyst near my eye has completely healed and vanished as well. I would attribute this to the possibility of the transportability of the oil through the skin being dispersed through the bloodstream since I never used it on my face up to that time. Also, acne on my legs has also cleared up since the use of the tea tree oil and the praying about it. I've also used several drops of the oil in hot water as a foot soak, but I think the swabbing it on or using an eyedropper has had a more pronounced and rapid effect, despite the fact that it's all taken time. I'm also very confident that I won't see outbreaks anymore or at least nearly as severe as the ones I had before on my feet once I'm done with the tea tree oil treatment. In fact, I've seen even foot powder with tea tree oil in it (also at the health store) which I plan to use later. The tea tree oil is also known to cure and heal athletes foot fungus. I highly recommend this inexpensive solution for herpes blisters. Good luck, and don't forget the prayer! Dear Administrator--if you wish, feel free to post this to your site, just use initials instead of my full name...thanks, I really enjoyed your site. ~J

I thought I would let you know that TT Oil is the only thing that I can use for a herpes outbreak, that actually takes away the pain and irritation. But I wanted to inform other women that there is a douche, made by Melaleuca, that has TT Oil in it and it helped me to not have as many outbreaks. ~R



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