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Red Marine Algae Feedback

Find out what people are saying about Red Marine Algae. We want to know what you think of Red Marine Algae. Use the contact button to share your two cents.

Kevin Trudeau talks a lot about algae in his book. I haven't actually read his books. I have a problem with people who advertise infomercials that have been to prison. Have you noticed some of the other titles he has written? He had a solution for just about everything. Doesn't that seem odd to you? ~Y

For what it might be worth-I've been taking red marine algae (marketing talk for sea weed LOL) tablets, once daily, for a long time now, with no actual outbreaks since March of 2001.  I have had 3 or 4 good prodrome episodes per year, which felt like someone smacked my lower back with Louisville Slugger, though. ~X

Readers-do NOT confuse this with reductions in shedding & transmission-only those meds mentioned work on that.  It's only related to my experiences with actual, blister-forming outbreaks.  I'm probably still shedding like a white Angora cat in a room full of beatniks in black turtleneck sweaters. ~J

I have had herpes for 15 years and I heard about red marine algae from Kevin Trudeau. I ordered it and have take it for 5 months. Not only do I not get outbreaks but I don't get colds. Everyone at work is always sick but me. Colds are a virus and so are warts of any kind. I thank the Lord that I found this product. ~X

I had an outbreak and I took two 350 mg tablets every eight hours on an empty stomach and it was gone within a week. I will continue this treatment for 30 days. ~X

One concern I had when reading up on algae's is that if they are contaminated they can cause some real problems. Keep in mind that just because something shows potential in a Petri dish doesn't always mean that it's going to do much in a living person. ~G

My ex girlfriend tried red marine algae and it did not help. She's tried a bunch of different things, including antivirals and nothing has helped. She's good about keeping on a schedule with supplements, too. ~P

RMA had no affects on me either, it costs about $30 for about 100 pills not worth it in my opinion. ~X

The science supporting RMA's efficacy against Herpes Type I (oral) and II (genital) and against HPV, HIV and Candida is pretty strong. The problem is that there are several hundred types (species) of red marine algae and only 34 have been shown to have strong antiviral activity. In addition, the antiviral activity of the algae is know to vary with the season in which the algae was harvested and the growth conditions and location of harvest and on the post harvest handling. Great wine is produced from grapes harvested at the right time and after a good growing season. RMA antiviral activity is the same. Unfortunately, there are several red marine algae products on the market and on the web which contain RMA species which are selected by the manufacturer because they are inexpensive. These inexpensive RMA species are known to have no antiviral activity. Capitalism at its best. Check the label and find products that have either Dumontiaceae or Gigartina species, since the scientific literature supports their antiviral activity. ~Jim



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