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Find out what people are saying about DMSO. We want to know what you think of DMSO. Use the contact button to share your two cents.

As a clinical researcher - i am REALLY glad i missed the posting about (what i take was) using DMSO on skin. one the first warning is not to allow to come in contact with skin, and do not get me started on the ingestion of it! ~S

I don't know much about DMSO but the page on the advertising site that explains what it is scares me. LOL. Anything that penetrates that way is a little worrisome. Again I am a little ignorant and maybe doing that everyday with products I use like lotion. LOL. I can tell you that the thing that I have found that has worked on my blisters the best is Carmex. Not only does it desensitize the itch and pain, it also puts a little bit of a water resistant barrier. ~X

I don't know how well it works on herpes, But I can tell you this. I have had a small lump on the side of my upper leg ( about the size of a pee ) that started about10 yrs ago,, Over the years it had gotten bigger ( About the size of a golf ball cut in half ) I come across DMSO for my arthritis pain.. ( WICH IT WORKS VERY WELL ) and started to study the history of DMSO, and desided to experament on my self,, After continuos aplacations of DMSO on the growth on my leg, the lump started getting smaller ( WITHIN DAYS ) and know after several weeks is just about gone.. DMSO is most certanly a very useful agent and I think the FDA is just looking out after there own pockets.. The proof is out there and there is tons more positive than negative.. How many people die every year from FDA approved DRUGS???? A LOT!!!! How many people die from DMSO??? NONE.. And it has far more medical uses than just for herpes.. Japan, Germany, and many European countries use DMSO medically.. By doctors orders ... THANKS FOR THE CHANCE TO COMMENT ON THE SUBJECT ~X

Speaking from experience: This is very dangerous stuff !!! It's used primarily as a penetrant. It is used to assist in getting medicine applied topically to animals joints into their body. Notice that phrase, and take it literally. It's nasty to the taste, and really doesn't help get O3 from the surface of your body, into your nervous system. If you have a pesticide on your body, and apply DMSO on top of it... just gives me shivers thinking about the result. The bottle I had, had a warning on it about using it for treatment of any kind on humans. Only put things that are approved by the FDA on or in your body as treatment for anything. They spend years and millions of dollars making sure things are safe for us to consume. ~X

To be honest with you, after reading the comments on DMSO, I feel this website is a front for the pharmaceutical companies. Are you getting a good paycheck from them? ~X

I have used DMSO for awhile 99.9 percent. The clear gel for men (only) if you put 1 tbsp of DMSO in a condom of your fitting. You will be free of breakouts for a very long period of time. I have stop taking Valtrex. My last break out was Jan 07 - it is September now. I do this once every couple of months. I keep the DMSO condom on for about 10 mins. ~X

Something you might want to keep in mind is that the experiment above is a person one that was done by somebody who was playing around with the idea. Please note that experimenting in this way is unsafe. You should always discuss your attempts to reduce herpes outbreaks with your doctor. Also, DMSO has not ever been clinically proven to do anything for herpes simplex virus outbreaks. Just because you can't see or feel your break out doesn't mean that you can not pass it on. So, it could just be that the fact that he didn't get any outbreaks was just a coincidence. ~Y

This is probably one of the biggest herpes scams out there on the Internet. I have heard about this stuff for years and people have contacted me over the years to share with me how they have been hurt by trying this stuff. Please be very careful before trying something that you see on the internet. Know who makes the substance and know where it is coming from. Any site that would ever claim to be able to "wipe out" the herpes virus from you body is only looking at making a quick dollar by targeting your hopes and dreams for a herpes "cure." I find it fascinating that the people that promote and support the "never an outbreak theory" would be so gullible as to assume that asymptomatic shedding is not part of the equation. Not only is asymptomatic shedding very real but it's a big reason why it's so important to stick with stuff that has been clinically tried and proven over and over in the laboratory. Ask yourself if the item has been proven acceptable by the food and drug administration. If it hasn't been then ask yourself - why is that? ~X

DMSO is full of lies. I used it for one week 3x a day and I still had an outbreak. DMSO is not worth your money or your health. When applied it stings so bad and all along you are hoping that it will be worth the pain. DMSO does not work. I ordered DMSO with never an outbreak. They sent me the book, DMSO, and the oxygen. I did what they said to do point to point no short cuts and it did not work. Stay clear of these people at never an outbreak. ~X

Now as to DMSO -- if there is a way to get your money back I would. DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a colorless, slightly oily liquid that is primarily used as an industrial solvent. DMSO is derived from trees as a manufacturing by-product from the processing of paper. Metabolites of DMSO, such as the sulfide and sulfone forms, are naturally present in the human body. Only highly purified, properly diluted DMSO should be used and the skin site and applying hand should be thoroughly cleaned before application, because the solvent properties of DMSO allow contaminants to be absorbed through the skin and transported into the bloodstream. Improperly diluted DMSO can also burn the skin. ~X

I use it regularly and it's the only thing that works for me. I use the cheap vet stuff too. It works great. You don't need to use the H202 with it - just use the DMSO. Be careful because it will burn some and irritate the skin. ~X

DMSO is a rip off exploitation that is sick and ineffective. You pay as much as it costs and the book tells you to buy a spray bottle like the ones you use to spray plants with, fill it with hydrogen peroxide, spray your lower spine and then apply DMSO. They claim the DMSO will carry the peroxide into your spine and kill the herpes virus. The method might provide temporary relief at best. DMSO is creepy stuff. I tried it quite a few times and it did nothing memorable for me. ~X

Be very careful with that Stuff. I tried it without doing as much research on it as I should have. I followed all of the instructions that came with it. I got a HUGE sebaceous cyst on my nanny as a result. So I was nursing blisters, pissing razor blades and the pain was unbearable. All this happened to me at once upon using DMSO. ~X

I used DMSO after I was first diagnosed in June. I was desperate and willing to try anything that offered some promise. I ordered a small tube (and some oxygen which I haven't even opened) online and started using it right away. You're supposed to apply only to the blisters and small of your back (or feet) five times daily when you are having an outbreak, then monthly as prevention. I don't know if it worked or not as I only used it for a few weeks and never had any outbreaks during that time, or any the month since ceasing it's use. I will say that even though it was rose-scented, it left a peculiar smell to my breath. My husband (who had no idea what I was doing) commented on the smell. This was after repeated brushings, mouthwash, and mints. The garlic base must be pretty strong. I did some research on DMSO and there is some promising hope, although I wonder about using a product developed for large farm animals. You can find DMSO in a tractor supply farm store. ~X

I believe DMSO is a very interesting product but cannot work alone. It does carry oxygen in the body and into the skin. I wish people didn't flame DMSO so much. I feel there are safer alternatives. But DMSO + H202 has stopped 99% of my outbreaks when I used it. Actually it just failed when I lacked H202. I've just chosen to use something milder and less risky. ~X

HI, everyone! I just wanted to give my advice on (DMSO) product. I had athletes foot for a year because I have diabetes. In discussing it with my pharmacist about mixing DMSO with antifungals he said ABSOLUTELY DO NOT. DMSO is a very strong penetrating catalyst used only on horses and other LARGE animals for healing purposes. DMSO causes SEVERE LIVER Damage in humans! Yes, it does work, and well but, Its NOT worth liver damage which is sure to COME. I love you people - thanks so much. ~X

DMSO should be used cautiously. It can be extremely poisonous and harmful in large doses. Please be careful! ~X

DMSO and hydrogen peroxide have been a fad in alternative herpes treatment for a long time. While both things can kill herpes in a test tube they can't kill herpes in your body or cure herpes. ~X

You are right to be skeptical. The whole DMSO oxygen theory is crap. The manufactures of these products rely on the public not understanding the difference between oxygen as a element and oxygen as part of a compound. DMSO is not going to increase the oxygen content of your body and kill herpes. ~X

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